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CBD Haze
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Skunk Haze
Hemp Vape Oil
Hemp Vape Juice
Buy CBD Oil
CBD e Liquid
CBD Vape Oil
CBD Vape Juice
Stress Relief
Boost Energy
Sleep Aid
Mood Enhancement
Fight Cancer Growth
Natural Anxiety Relief

Not Just A Name, Real Flavor!
CBD Haze
This item is made with whole plant hemp oil from the flower, leaf and stem.
The smell and taste(skunk) speaks for itself, results are relaxing and uplifting.
Contains less than 2ppm THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD(Cannabidiol) varies.
Conforms to regulations.

CBD Haze e-Liquid 10ml $25.00
U.S. Shipping Only $5.00 and Int'l $15.00
Confirmation e-mail included for order and tracking.
Delivery takes 3-4 days U.S. and 7-14 days Int'l
Not for sale to minors!


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